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Hi, I'm Emily Sophie

I'm a professionally trained dancer (graduate of Bird College and Broadway Dance Center, NYC) with over a decade of experience in the industry and I also created the Dance Boss brand.

I am also a fitness professional (Advanced NASM Personal Trainer, Mat Pilates, Strala Yoga 200hr & ETM teacher) NLP practitioner and published author.

Confession time...


I have faced many struggles with my confidence and self worth; hiding myself away for fear of being judged, not putting myself out there in case I got rejected, experiencing anxiety on the regular and just not feeling good enough in almost everything I did.


But this was no way to live and there was a point when it felt like I didn't even want to live.

I knew I had hit rock bottom, but it took me a while to get myself out of there. So I started where I could and I took some little leaps of faith, started trusting myself a little bit more and then began to educate myself on all things personal development, self love, mindset and NLP and then I couldn't stop!


It all changed me.

But the one thing I have always come back to, the thing that feels like my soul is being set free and I can truly be myself without fear, is dance.

It is my ultimate medicine and tonic for life and it's so easy to access, but many of us reject it because we're afraid of all the things I said above (rejection, fear, being seen...). I know I did when I was feeling my worst. There was a time when I thought my love of dance had vanished forever...

But by doing the thing I loved and pushing myself out of my comfort zone to fight for the person I knew I could be, the person that was hidden but not gone, I reignited my love of dance and life again.

Noow is the time to allow ourselves to step into who we know we really are-and shine so brightly the stars get dazzled by us.

I created my Dance Boss workshops and video shoots to be a place where women could feel empowered, confident and free to unleash the side of themselves that they usually keep hidden! Dance Boss encourages you to step outside your comfort zone and into the star that you really are.


So far, dance has taken me to many memorable places including Norway, Australia, Hong Kong and New York City; most notably, when I performed with Icona Pop live on Good Morning America in Times Square and as a backing dancer for Macklemore & Ryan Lewis at the YouTube Brandcast event in New York City.


I also had the great opportunity to choreograph a brand new musical "Science! The Musical" which played in Cambridge, UK, as well as having performed and taught dance to thousands of people all across the world.

You can find out more about my journey with dance and mental health in my debut self help/memoir book

“Confessions of a dancer” which was published by That Guy's House in June 2019 and is

available online worldwide.

Come and say hi on Instagram @iamemilysophie

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