About Dance Boss

Dance Boss is for the woman who is done with playing small, had enough of hiding in the shadows and ready to fully step into her own spotlight.

It is my mission and my passion to help YOU feel like a total goddess and badass all at the same time through the life changing art form we call DANCE.

My Dance Boss Workshops and Video Shoots are one of a kind experiences that will leave you

wanting more and feeling sky high. I want every woman to feel that she can unleash that hidden side of herself that is just bursting to come out...you know the one I'm talking about right?!

The side of you that feels unbelievably sexy and sassy...

The part of you that won't take no for an answer and gets what she wants...

The place deep inside where you fully love and embrace yourself for who you are...

Have you met this side of yourself before?

If you're looking for a way of finding her, then get yourself down to one of my Pop Up Workshops or book yourself one of my empowering packages pronto!

When we dance, we let go.

And when we let go, we are free.

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