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Let go of your expectations

Are your high expectations triggering stress, overwhelm and frustration? Learn how to let them go and feel free...

Now don't get me wrong, having high expectations of yourself can be a good thing...when these expectations are to do with hygiene, manners, safety or kindness to self and others.

But when your high expectations take over your life and the pressure you put on yourself and others becomes's time to re-evaluate what you really expect from those expectations and whether that's helpful to you and those around you.

As mentioned, having high expectations around your own hygiene for example is great-this means you'll make it a priority to wash daily, brush your teeth, floss and spray deodorant so you smell nice. This is a good expectation to have of yourself, because it has a very positive outcome for you and anyone within a metre of your body.

But things start to unravel a little when expectations become about you being 'perfect' and never getting things wrong, or worse still...expecting these things from other people, especially those we love.

But the thing is, we can't control anyone but ourselves. Meaning, that our high expectations of other people are a waste of time, because a lot of the time we will end up feeling disappointed because they fail to provide us with the proof that we need that they are living up to our know, the ones even we can't live up to...just saying.

Because we can't control other people, the best way to bring peace and maintain a relationship (whatever that may be) where you can still bear to look and talk to the person, is to...wait for it...


That's right. Just let it go my friend.

If you're teaching a dance class, this can be a real test to halt your high expectations of your students. Instead of getting frustrated that half the class can only do a double pirouette whilst the other half can do a triple, let it go and accept what is. Just because half the class can do a triple turn and you might be able to too, does not mean that the whole world can also.

When you let your expectations go and accept the reality for what it is, you can feel free!

Plus, you can stop giving others such a hard time to live up to your unachievable expectations.

Equally, if you are a pro at expecting great things from yourself...the same rules apply.


Accept what is and move on.

Pefection is simply not real and therefore is unattainable and always unachievable. You will save yourself countless nights crying into your pillow, or talking to your best friend about how you're (in your eyes) 'not good enough' by simply learning to let go and accept what is.

Give yourself (and everyone else!) a break. It's time you started to enjoy the process...the messy, imperfect process!

You, just as you are, are enough. That is all.

Let go of the expectations and allow yourself to feel the joy, the space and the freedom this brings.

Emily Sophie

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