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What are you focusing on?

What you focus on grows...

Have you ever noticed that when you focus on something negative...more negative things seem to pop right up in front of you, or your mind all of a sudden seems to find tonnes of negative things to think about?

And what about the opposite. Think of a time when you were focused on something really good...what happened then? I can almost guarantee that more great things appeared as if from nowhere right?!

Well, this is because what we focus on, grows.

It's such a simple concept but so life changing when we fully understand it.

When you think about it now, it seems sort of obvious right? When you're looking at the negative stuff, you feel negative and therefore you will only be open to negative things because that's the state you are in. Same for the positive stuff.

But what's great, is that once you become aware of this and catch yourself in a negative state being all gloomy and reciting 'the world is rubbish' sort of can easily flip it!

Yep, that's right.

Once you have the awareness, you can change your state to a positive one and completely change your day, week, month and life!

Pretty cool right.

So, imagine you're in a dance class and you get called up to perform the routine at the end with a few other dancers. You dance your heart out and then all of a sudden you lose your step and forget the routine. Now your immediate response may be that of a negative one, something like "I'm so rubbish, I'll never make it" or "Everyone is looking and laughing at me, I'm such a loser" or something similar. But no one has told you to focus on these things. Your mind has tried to protect you, yes. But it's done it in a very unhelpful, automatic response kinda way.

So imagine the above again and your negative response and how you're feeling sorry for yourself and no longer vibing high and loving life. You're feeling embarrassed and ashamed and oh, yes your shoulders have hunched in slightly to protect yourself and your head is hanging a little bit lower and you've now noticed that everyone in the room is "prettier" than you and so on...can you imagine where this scenario is leading?

Not down a rainbow path to a pot of gold, that's for sure.

But as I said earlier, it doesn't have to be this way!

Imagine this scenario one more time if you will and stop yourself after the "...I'm such a loser" phrase. Now here is where we can turn it right round. This is where you get to choose to change your focus. This is the moment (or even before the negative self talk kicks in if you're being so bold) where you get to dictate your reality.

Stop yourself mid mind babble.

Take a breath. A really big, deep one.

And then actively look for things to focus on that are positive and uplifting.

So what if you forgot the dance routine-you're human.

Stand up tall, own your actions, shrug it off and try again.

Try again with a positive mindset, knowing that you and only you, get to decide how you react, what you focus on and how your reality plays out before you.

What a great gift to have inside of us.

Remember...change your focus, change your life!

Emily Sophie

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