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How to make rejection a positive thing

So you got rejected from yet another what! Read on to find out how rejection might just be the key to your future path...

You're standing in a long line outside the studio, packed with other dancers at an unthinkable hour on a Tuesday morning and you just know that today is your lucky day and you're walking out of there booking that job.

You feel excited and nervous and also a little cold after waiting in line for so long without much movement and then, it's time to head in.

And no sooner than it had begun, it is now over and you're walking out of the studio head hung low, shoulders hunched, feeling demotivated and demoralised because despite your earlier thoughts, you didn't get it.

Time for a reframe...

It can sometimes feel extremely hard to take a hit-especially when the job you were going for felt like it was meant to be yours. But you're now going to learn that, there is a way to turn the negativity of rejection into a much more positive thing...and all it takes is focus, determination and a tonne of discipline (all things you already possess as a dancer).

If we reframe rejection and choose to see this as in fact a redirection, it changes everything.

There's a saying "what's meant for you, won't pass you by" and it won't.

The rejection you experienced was really redirecting you to your own best path for YOU. It's much easier to see and understand these things with hindsight, but it goes a little something like "if I hadn't have done X, I wouldn't have experienced Y" or "if I had gone to A, I wouldn't have met B" and so on.

This is going to take some coaxing from the positive, believing side of yourself to help the critical monkey part get on board, but it's totally doable.

Your path in life is dictated by your beliefs, your choices, your actions and also a little bit of Universal intervention! This is great news because, we get to design our life and the Universe gets to watch our back as we do this.

If you get rejected from an audition, then that role simply wasn't meant for you (no matter how much you protest otherwise). It also has nothing to do with you. The audition panel usually have a very specific idea of what they're looking for and everything else becomes, well white noise. This is NO reflection of you. You are amazing. But just not what they had in their mind at that specific point in time.

Please let's just reiterate one thing-this is not about you (even though it can feel very personal), it's not about you or your talent or your appearance or your skills or experience. You are amazing.

This is about fitting a line up that is being played out in someone's head. And as a result, this actually ends up helping you onto a path that is more suited, to you.

This industry requires you to remain a believer in yourself at all times. It requires you to believe that you are good enough, worthy enough, talented enough, beautiful enough and much more.

It is your job to keep showing up as you and knowing that this is all true. It is your job to get super clear on what it is you want and then keep showing up to things that support this dream.

It is your job to keep going and believe that all of these rejections are in fact building a person who can handle anything, who is experienced, who gets clearer on their goals and dreams every time they hear a "No" and who is being directed to a path that is fully meant for them.

So the next time you experience a rejection, try flipping your mindset 180 to a redirection and a) see how that alters your mood and b) see how that alters your actions in moving forwards towards what you really want, not what you think you should do.

Emily Sophie

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